Tips for trips in Jeseníky

Tips for trips around Jeseníky

Do you enjoy exploring new places? We have the best tips for travels around Jeseníky.


Praděd (1492 meters) is the highest mountain of Hrubý Jeseník and the whole Moravia region. At the begging of 20th century was at the top built an observatory in a new gothic style. The current observatory was built in 1983. Praděd is a significant crossroad of touristic paths. In the vicinity of Praděd is located the highest ski resort in the Czech Republic. The top of the mountain and its surroundings is the national preserved nature landscape Praděd.

Fauna park

Fauna park in Horní Lipová is a small private zoo. You can see there household as well as exotic animals, for instance: sheep, goats, lamas, kangaroos, monkeys, ostriches, raccoons, turtles, Meer cats, parrots, Siberian tiger, Cougar and others. In the area of the ZOO is also an outdoor seating, children playground and bistro.

Educational trail Rejvíz

Educational trails Rejvíz is located in the national nature landscape stretched on the area of 396,63 hectares in the north-east part of Hrubý Jeseník. The area is a watershed of the brooks Černá Opava and Vrchovištní, which are located 790 meters above the sea level. The uniqueness of the landscape was created by geologic and climate changes

Wood bar

The so-called wood bar is located in the Rychlebské mountains above the municipality Horní Lipová. Tourists can choose from a wide range of drinks, which are cooled by the local springs. They can also cook a coffee or tea. The bar is open 24 hours a day. There is a money box to pay for the consummation. There is no service and thus it only depends on the honesty of the visitors.

Trail in the sky

Trail in the sky is located close to the cable car Snežka, 1116 above the sea level. The trail is 55 meters high and to the top you can comfortably climb on the wood trails. The access is also possible with strollers. Those who are brave can also try an unique 101 meters long slide with windows. The view at the top is breath taking and you can see the whole Kralický Snežník with the picturesque valley of the river Morava

Water plant Dlouhé Stráně

The excursion to the water plant is possible during the whole year from 8.00 to 15.00. The excursion has to be booked online. During the visit you will see the underground technical areas, the low tanks as well as the famous high tank which is located 1 350 meters above the seas level in the Mountain Mravenečník. The visit of the tourist center is also included in the excursion.

High Waterfall

High Waterfall is located in Hrubý Jseník at the brook Studený. The waterfall is part of natural landscape area called High Waterfall and is stretched on 141 hectares 850 meters above the sea level. The waterfall consist of protected cascades with mountain spruces and mountain sour spruces wood. Originally was the waterfall 45 meters tall. After water floods in 1880 the rock walls were damanged and the waterfall was thus divided into many cascades.

Educational trail Bílá Opava

Educational trail Bílá Opava consist of many bridges, trails and stairways which are located around the bank of Bilá Opava brook – the most beautiful mountain stream in Jeseníky. There are many waterfalls, cascade, riffles, rock formations and romantic hidden spots. The trail includes seven boards with basic information about the whole area. 

Priessnitz spa

Priessnitz spa are located in the picturesque area of Studniční Vrch approximately 2 km from the city Jeseníky. The spa are situated 620 meters above the sea level in the northeast part of Silesia and Moravia. The area and its surroundings is stretched on the original settlement Gräfenberk where was in 1799 born Vincenc Priessnitz, the world famous founder of this spa. The spa have an unique and beneficial climate because they are protected by mountains from three sides.