Activities at Chata Eduard

Activities at Chata Eduard

Chata Eduard is surrounded by beautiful mountain nature and thus offers to its guests many leisure activities. During winter is the cottage popular place for lovers of skiing and cross country skiing. During summer time enjoy the location mostly lovers of nature, hiking, mushroom picking, Nordic walking or cycling. In the area of the cottage you can rent a scooter, relax in the Jacuzzi or ride a horse. We can guarantee that you will not get board with us!

Rent a scooter or double bike

Just for accommodated guests

2 hours - 150 CZK

1 day - 300 CZK
2 days - 450 CZK
3 days - 600 CZK

Outside pool

Outside pool is open only during summer months. Only for accommodate guests is the entry free of charge.




Multipurpose court

Horse rides

30 min - 50 CZK

60 min - 100 CZK


Rental of sport equipment:

Tennis racket - 30 CZK
Tennis ball  - 5 CZK
Volleyball - 40 CZK
Football - 30 CZK

In the area of the cottage are living Cameroon sheep, ponies and horses. It is possible to book a horse or pony ride.


Necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance.


Assisted horse rides 450 CZK/hour, 350 CZK/30 min. Assisted pony rides 100 CZK/15 min. (just for children).


Necessary to book 24 hours in advance.

30 min – 395 CZK
60 min - 595 CZK

Price list of other services: 

RENTAL OF A FIREPLACE, SMOKE HOUSE OR BARBECUE PLACE (coal, wood and cleaning included)

250 CZK / 3 hours